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Just for fun: Do women in academia have more boys?

So hopefully this will not land us on Andrew Gelman's blog. Especially since we are not claiming statistical significance. But in the circles that Karrie and I are in (faculty or women with PhDs in computer science or HCI/CSCW related fields), there seemed to be many male children being born of late. We decided to look at gender ratios for children of our survey respondents, fully expecting the apparent pattern to wash out, and for the most part it did: The proportion of girl births is ~42% for women on the tenure track. The rate in the overall population (not just PhDs) is 48.7%. The difference is not significant at the .01 level (p = 0.036).

This is a similar for women with Computer Science degrees (tenure track or otherwise), out of 54 births reported in the survey, only 18 were girls (p = 0.03).

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