Barnacle Owls
I found the barnacles while backpacking on the Lost Coast. The bodies are made out of Sculpey clay.

Pine Owl
The neighbors' tree in Los Altos dropped a lot of pine cones into Harry's yard. The 'petals' of the pine cones looked a bit like feathers, so I assembled them into an owl.

Silk painting
I painted these while taking a silk painting class from Natasha Foucault at the Mountain View/Los Altos adult school.

Pine mirror
After a stormy fall day I walked around Palo Alto, gathering various seeds. The mirror originally had a gold crackle paint effect complete with roses. I took a a power sander to it and then glued pine cone bits and other seeds to it.


Worried face

Fishing net dress
Real fishing net purchased in Split, Croatia with rubber fish bait from Walmart.

Metal fish
I didn't actually make this fish. When I got it, it had a brown coat of paint. I used a grinder to get to the bare metal and resurface it to give the appearance of scales. The blue color was added by applying an oxy-acetylene torch. Thanks to Lilya Vorobey for showing me how to do this.