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the sweater problem

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Now that the cold season is upon us (in Michigan at least) I face this recurring problem. Once I realize I’m too hot in my sweater (e.g. right before I’m about to give a talk or lecture that would call for waving my arms about etc.), I have little choice but to keep it on.


  1. I have the same problem, it’s so annoying! I actually had to buy a winter jacket with no insulation because once I’m moving outdoors, I quickly get overheated. With sweaters, I usually wear cardigans since they’re easier on and off, and can be “vented.” So lots and lots of off and on cycles, but a little bit less discomfort. My least favorite scenario is weather that’s just cold enough that you need your skin covered, but humid enough that there’s no avoiding instant perspiration. :-/

    Comment by andrea — 2010/11/09 @ 20:55

  2. I have a different problem: when I pull off a sweater it tends to pull my shirt out of my pants, and the last thing others want to see is my flabby belly!

    Comment by jmm — 2010/11/10 @ 02:21

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