Was asked to remove a name and (defunct) homepage url from an old web crawl I made available online. Did so. But did I have to? Was it PII?

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  1. It most likely was having a higher PageRank than one that did not end up on a 404 page. The URL could contain misspelled name (bad), was hosted on a former lover’s server (I’m fishing a bit) or connection to an institution that turned shameful somehow… Actually, it’s hard to tell without details, but if it’s obsolete, you are better off leaving it on the Internet Archive and only there. Or maybe the link would help Internet researchers (who have easy access to the Archive) to find the page back, and that page used to contain embarrassing information…

  2. I hadn’t thought of the mere presence of the link making it easier to search in the Internet Archive. That seems like a rather plausible explanation, although then why not request to remove it from the Archive?

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