5 women sat at a table at the ICWSM conference in May. Four had baby boys at home, the 5th was expecting. Two of us (Karrie and I) thought this was a funny coincidence, and meeting again in July at the Google faculty summit, we thought: let’s do a survey. The survey would be about women with PhDs having kids, but we would gather data on the child’s sex as well.

Several months and several hundred survey responses later we know the following:

I am very grateful to those who have taken the survey and hope that these few pages will be a possible resource (in addition to much great published research) to those weighing their choices or wondering what others’ experiences have been like. Personally, it has opened my eyes to the range of experiences, struggles, triumphs, and resourceful solutions out there, and has helped me to calibrate my own experience.

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  1. Dooo deee doo….. Thanks for sharing what you found!!!!

  2. When I was in graduate school, a frequent topic of conversation among those of us who were married was when was the best time to have (or bear) children. The consensus seemed to be that: (a) there’s never a good time to have children, but (b) having them while still in graduate school may be the lesser of inconveniences.

    I changed fields (AI -> HCI / CSCW) after finishing my Ph.D., so I rarely see any of my friends from graduate school, and don’t know how their estimates have panned out. You’ve probably already thought of this, but it might be interesting to track responses to your survey over time, and perhaps invite responses from those who are at earlier stages of their careers.

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